It Has to Begin Somewhere

I stand at the end of the runway. I can feel the adrenaline in my body pick up, then drop as I take a deep breath to clear my head. All my practice from the last week, all the frustration, all the success, all the drops of sweat I’ve watered the grass with are wound up in three minutes.

I angle my javelin upwards, begin a slow jog in place, then slowly accelerate down the runway. About eight steps later I swing my body sidways, trail my right arm, and accelerate even more for the last three steps. Then its a hop, plant and explosion. This is my sport. This is my home.

I only started throwing javelin this year as a freshman in college. Since then, my passion in life has been to use my talent and work ethic to be the best I can be. Right now, I’m learning to balance classwork, RA duty, and training; and learning how best to train my body.

Wish me luck in my journey…

The strong fear no one…




Author: Mind + Life + Science

College Sophomore living life by Admiring life, Laughing at life, And being a boss at life :) Rock on

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